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An Onion Under Glass

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With grit and wit, Mark gives the reader a glimpse of the drama, conflicts and chaos that befalls a small town police force. His co-workers are a collection of professional cops, has-beens, slackers, and tricksters, and although names have been changed, the stories are true. Mark realizes he is living in a complex, ever-changing world where personal values, ethics, and friendships weigh in the balance. He needs an anchor and finds faith in god, later becoming a pastor.

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31 reviews for An Onion Under Glass

  1. Marti

    an exceptional read. some of the stories will actually make you LOL! – Wallaceburg, Ontario Canada

  2. Bill Scholtens (verified owner)

    An interesting descriptive read for non law enforcement folks into the good, bad and ugly of policing in a small town. This was at a time when manufacturing was at it’s peak and the hotels filled with hard working fun seeking patrons.
    Bill Scholtens former WPD PC # 11 – Sombra, Ontario Canada

  3. Margaret Fraleigh (verified owner)

    wonderful book with Mark sharing his experiences as a police officer in our town. Brought back many memories. – Wallaceburg, Ontario Canada

  4. Janice Aarssen (Mom)

    I have tears in my eyes Mark… It is a tremendous read. Thank you – Wallaceburg, Ontario Canada

  5. Anne B.

    The book is so great, I wish there would’ve been more chapters – Strathroy, Ontario Canada

  6. Barry Puskas

    RAVE about Mark Aarssen’s book, “An Onion Under Glass”. If you haven’t read it, by all means, do so. I got my copy this morning and have read it through already. You’ll find yourself thinking “I remember that”. Hoping there will be more to come from Mark. Damn fine writer – Wallaceburg, Ontario Canada

  7. Kathy Anderson

    I picked up your book for my husband Darcy Kay and he thoroughly enjoyed it. He couldn’t get over the stories he had forgotten that you reminded him of. And he had a lot of fun trying to decode people’s pseudonyms on the book. He even developed a legend in the back pages of the book as a key for who was who! I just wanted to say great job, and it was thoroughly enjoyed! Looking forward to your next one! – London, Ontario Canada

  8. Steve Hale

    I found myself trying to save some of the book to read the next day, but in the end, it was hard to put down. It was a great read. The story flowed from one page to the next. It is truly a heart warming, true story of a great fella that keeps you wanting more. I highly recommend this book to everyone. Hope there’s a sequel. Well done Mark, you are truly a gifted writer. – London, Ontario Canada

  9. Chrissy Mahu

    No power and rain called for a blankie and this book today, what a great read! I love that I know all of the landmarks and even a few characters, even though names have been changed. Mark did an excellent job writing this memoir and wow the stories and events he experienced are insane! The wit and humour had me so engaged I could not put the book down. – Wallaceburg, Ontario Canada

  10. Leah Wendy Jo Hanes

    It read like a spy novel. I absolutely loved it and couldn’t put it down. My mom also found it impossible to put down. Can’t wait for the next one. – California U.S.A.

  11. Linda G.

    It was a good book to read. Humorous and informative – Wallaceburg, Ontario Canada

  12. Coby

    Well it looks like I won’t be sleeping anytime soon so might as well do something useful instead of staring at the darkness. For a guy with dyslexia to pull this off is, in a word, amazing. Good on you. I did a fair bit of smiling and the odd laugh out loud. That’s a good thing for a book. Your references to real events (eg. Greta Thunberg) add believability. Your use of foreshadowing makes readers anxious to read what will happen. You’re very good at puns. Your use of the metaphor of floating down the river, was very effective. Blessings my friend. Enjoy your sense of triumph. – Chatham, Ontario Canada

  13. Brian Goglia

    I really enjoyed the book. All the separate stories made for a great read. Never realized how active the police force was in our town. I did know you were a good guy and heard rumours you had a rough go because of it. – British Columbia, Canada

  14. Dr. Paul Fetterly

    It is fun to read about people and situations you knew and were part of…good read !!! – Arizona U.S.A.

  15. Michelle Donald

    I finished the book tonight. I really enjoyed it. Great job! I love the truth behind your book and how power can make some people evil. – Chatham, Ontario Canada

  16. John Gebal

    I finished reading about the “Onion”… its hilarious and unbelievable at times. I can see why your dad quit policing. – Chatham, Ontario Canada

  17. Bonnie Leveille

    It was a great book to read – Wallaceburg, Ontario Canada

  18. John Yazbeck

    Really enjoyed your book Mark. Very entertaining and really brought me back to the Wallaceburg of our youth. Such a colourful portrayal of the inside of policing we only saw from the outside. Thanks and great job old buddy. – Windsor Canada

  19. Hugh White

    Hi Mark Aarssen, my dad actually bought a copy and mailed it to me. Read it in 1 day! It was wonderful, great reading and felt that I was part of the story having known many in your family and living in Wallaceburg at the time. It was great, look forward to your next writing. Regards and thanks!!! – Palm Harbour, Florida U.S.A.

  20. Dave Pratt

    First book I ever read cover to cover, great job Mark – Wallaceburg, Ontario Canada

  21. Brady Aarssen

    Having just finished “The Onion Under Glass” – wow – the perfect summer read for the hammock, poolside, dock-side, back deck or your location of your choice! If you like small town adventure stories – this book is for you! – London, Ontario Canada

  22. Lorne F. Brock

    It was captivating and enlightening. Your prose painted vivid pictures allowing the reader to see event in detail. I didn’t realize there was such a nasty (perhaps too strongly worded) underbelly to town. I am glad you survived both the culture and the events. Years ago I might have said you were too nice to be a police officer. A great book. Looking for the next one. – Wallaceburg, Ontario Canada

  23. Mari Cole (verified owner)

    Wow! what a great read, full of wit and wisdom ! This could take place in any small town almost anywhere it is most entertaining. BUT for those of us living in Wallaceburg in the 60’s and 70’s it is a “must read”. Amidst memories, nostalgia and “I know who that was”, I had trouble putting the book down. Well done Mark ! Can’t wait for a sequel!

  24. Linda McMahon

    It is a wonderful read, Mark! I kept thinking that this would make for a good cop show or movie. You really had some interesting experiences in your years on the police force. I’m glad you survived it and are doing well. Sending much love – Ohio U.S.A

  25. Julie Ciarvella

    Congratulations Mark!! Just started reading it and I can’t put it down! Love your story telling – I’ve had a lot of laughs and tears already! Such a great book! – Rochester NY U.S.A.

  26. Tom Kumagai

    Hello Mark! I had the pleasure of meeting you yesterday at your book signing in Chatham. I consider it an honour to have met you, and I am getting great enjoyment from your book. First of all, what a fantastic book! I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I have to tell you something that is quite a compliment to you. I am not a good reader!! In fact, whenever I read anything I usually nod off to sleep – really!! I am an enthusiastic motorcycle rider and so I subscribed to three different motorcycle magazines to read about the vehicles, the adventures, the tips from the pros and other articles. Even with great interest in all of that, they still put me to sleep after reading only for a few minutes, hahaha! I picked up your book and I couldn’t put it down AND I did not nod off, not even once! So congratulations on writing such a wonderful book. I am so happy that it caught my attention. Again, it is a wonderful book! Thank you so much for writing it and for signing it for me. Best Regards, Tom Kumagai – Chatham, Ontario Canada

  27. Lynn B

    I just finished reading Mark’s book, I thought it was interesting. I found myself not wanting to put the book down. It definitely puts a better perspective on the life and stress officers go thru, and in this day and age the officers definitely deserve more respect than they are getting, great read for anyone. – Texas, U.S.A.

  28. Brian Armitage

    Hello Mark.
    Congratulations on your book. I enjoyed the book from front to back. Brought many memories and found myself attempting to guess who was who on several of your stories.
    Also appreciated your writing style. Made for a good flow and didn’t require a dictionary.
    Well done Mark. – Wallaceburg, Ontario Canada

  29. Nathaniel McIntyre

    Good Afternoon Mr. Aarssen,
    I’m not sure if you remember me, but a few weeks back I bought the book at the Chapters (now indigo) on Fanshawe Rd in London! I’m the London Police officer that transferred from Guelph!
    I’m currently on my honeymoon in Barbados and saved your book to read on the beach! In two days I’ve finished it as I couldn’t put it down! What a great read!
    I will take a lot of your lessons as a new officer and put them toward my career as it goes on! Thank you for sharing your stories, so officers like myself can learn from!
    Thanks again, it was pleasure to meet you and your wife Fran! – London, Ontario Canada

  30. Wendy Daye

    I really enjoyed reading your book! I live in Corunna and I’m familiar with the Wallaceburg area, have family from there. I enjoyed how candid you were about the department and the shenanigans of Wallaceburg! – Corunna, Ontario Canada

  31. Steve Dennison

    Hi Mark,
    Fantastic read! I just finished your book ‘An Onion Under Glass’ and wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your time with the Wallaceburg Police Force.
    I will keep an eye out for your next book!

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