Introducing Readmore’s Book Club!

Are you passionate about reading? Do you want to participate in discussions about novels you have read? If this sounds like you, I encourage you to join Readmore’s book club!

Readmore is a small business in Ontario dedicated to helping Canadians and others across the world find books that they will enjoy. We are invested in reading new genres and always curious to read a new book.

Our book club begins September 1st. For the month of September, we will be reading An Onion Under Glass by Mark Aarssen. Mark is a local author from the town of Wallaceburg, Ontario. His humorous and passionate memoir consists of stories about Mark’s experience as a police officer with the Wallaceburg Police Force. Mark’s writing provides laughter, thoughtfulness, and so much adventure. By being apart of our book club, you also have the opportunity to chat with Mark!

What to expect in October is Frankenstein, a spooky classic just in time for Halloween! After the month of October, we will read The Fountainhead, a novel about a young architect with an intelligent and creative mind who is set on breaking tradition. This book is written by Ayn Rand, a Russian-American author and philosopher who grew up under the dictatorship of the Soviet Union. She wrote this book as a homage to her philosophy of Objectivism. It is an extremely interesting read.

The Readmore Book Club will take place online using discord. To join, you can use the following link! Joining is simple! Create an account and accept the link to be a part of an online community.

All are welcome! Our book club is a place to meet fellow book lovers, grow your appreciation for reading, and discuss books we have read! Even if you haven’t been apart of a book club before, no need to worry! Our book club is a judgement free zone and Readmore will have a blog on our website of some tips to create dialogue during book club sessions.

I hope to see you present at Readmore’s Book Club!

Let’s read more!

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