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What Rachel Sa: A Field Guide for Parents


Rachel Sa was a typical twelfth grader on a semester-long work-study program at one of North America’s major daily news papers. She hoped for one chance to write even the most inconsequential story. One byline and she could truthfully say that she was published. She pitched a story to her editor: a teen’s eye view of a labour dispute between teachers and government that had led to months of interruptions in classrooms and a suspension of all extra-curricular activity. No one was asking students what they felt and how it was affecting them. Her story made is to the paper and ran as a special column. Before the end of her work-term Rachel was a full-time newspaper columnist. What Rachel Sa is a collection of her columns which includes letters from parents and teens, challenges teens and parents to examine their own opinions, and examines the hottest topics concerning young people today.

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