The Complete Guide to Understanding and Living with COPD


R. D. Martin, who has lived with COPD for over two decades, has authored The Complete Guide to Understanding and Living with COPD: From a COPDer’s Perspective, a survival and self-help guide that goes far beyond clinical information and into the heart of living with this disease. Martin, who considers himself more than just a patient, reminds readers page after page that knowledge is more than power-it minimizes fear of the disease and the uncertainty regarding the future, while maximizing the ability to experience a full and joyful life. He provides practical explanations about the disease and tips on how to get the best treatment. He offers guidance on how to handle the effects the disease has on mobility, work, relationships, intimacy, entitlements, and one’s emotional well-being. Martin writes as if he is talking to a friend, and provides valuable information for those who are recently diagnosed, those who have advanced COPD, and those who have a loved one with COPD.

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