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This book is a fantasy novel written by a local Strathroy author, Andrew Pereira!

The Empire of Asperia is a land divided in two. The simple man, a hard worker, a worthy warrior, a proud leader. They define the tenants and traditions of the Empire. The Arcanist, few and far between, those with the ability to harness the Earth’s elements to create fantastical feats of magic, looked down upon by their brothers in power. Seeking to unite the two stands, the Church of Radiance who preaches peace and unity as a sign to their Goddess who turned her back on the world eons ago.

Kael Cley hails from a sleepy little town nestled away in the wilderness of Asperia. He begins his first year at the Iris Academy, the Empire’s most prestigious training facility known for churning out legendary warriors and mythic heroes. The Iris Academy is also known for its acceptance of Arcanists, the only academy in the Empire to do so. Kael finds himself at the center of a conflict that threatens to tear his country in two. He and his newfound friends must navigate life at the Iris Academy while uncovering the truth behind a shadowy organization that threatens to plunge Asperia into a civil war.

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