Have A Great Day: Daily Affirmations For Positive Living


To have a great day every day it helps to think great thoughts and to concentrate on at least one every day.

Philosopher, self-help innovator, and minister, Norman Vincent Peale invites readers to Have a Great Day . . . every day! The influential author whose groundbreaking bestseller, The Power of Positive Thinking, changed millions of lives all over the world now offers inspiration for every day of the year with an uplifting volume of positive thought to nourish our souls and spirits, and help us through even the darkest of times.

From profound “thought conditioners,” accentuating the everyday positive, to “spirit lifters” devised to help us soar above our troubles, Dr. Peale’s effective affirmations are “daily vitamins” keeping us mentally and spiritually healthy throughout each and every day of the year. Each dose of Dr. Peale’s thought-provoking words of wisdom addresses a specific topic in a wide range of emotional, psychological, and physical concerns—from tapping into our inner strengths to dealing with criticism and negativity, from achieving our personal and professional goals to learning how to release tension and relax. Have a Great Day will gladden the heart with essential insights and inspirations to help each of us live every day to its fullest.

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