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Fairytale Friendships 2 Books in 1


This book features the tale of two classic Disney Princesses, Cinderella and Snow White.

The first story is named Cinderella’s Best Creations. When Cinderella is invited to the Harvest Dance, she wants to make dresses for the little girls of the village. She sews four dresses, but when her carriage arrives at the village she realizes there are five little girls! Will she be able to make another dress in time for the Harvest Dance? This story is all about teamwork.

The second story is named Snow White and the Three Giants. When Snow White is walking through the beautiful forest she accidentally takes a wrong turn and finds herself in another cottage. However, this cottage is no ordinary cottage. Inside, she sees enormous furniture that towers over her! Suddenly, three giants burst through the door. What will she do? This story is all about kindness and teaches children not to assume things about others based on first appearances.

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