An Arm for An Arm


An undercover cop, tormented by his role in a sting that went dreadfully wrong, felt betrayed by a corrupt system that favored criminals over their victims. He had scores to settle and vowed one day to return to seek vengeance. His journey to find solace morphed into a series of chaotic events on a train ride to hell. The most sinister of all, would engulf him in a vortex of pure evil and challenge him to his core.

But his past failures plagued him. The last sting I planned caused immense suffering, and I had support from a team of FBI and DEA agents. With only the element of surprise on my side, I can’t expect anyone else to help me. Why would they, it’s just to too dangerous?

He felt he was missing something. As he began to gather up his belongings, a thought flashed across his mind. I got it! Rules, that’s it! I don’t have to play by any damn rules, and I have more than enough money to follow through on this. Oh ya, this will even out the playing field for sure. And I know just the guy who will want to be in on this. With his expertise, we have a real chance of making this take down happen.

Amongst the madness, a bud of romance peeks through the maze. He feared it was doomed and thought it best to let her go to protect her? But would their passion be the catalyst he needed to bring about his plan for revenge? Knowing how much was at stake, he had to be meticulous with his planning. Many of the scenarios he plotted had dire consequences, making him quesiton how others would perceive his actions.

Would I be portrayed as an angry rogue cop, caught up in retaliation? Would my picture be posted on the wall of America’s Most Wanted? How ironic is that, he muttered. Sitting back against the rails of the boxcar, he picked up the bottle of whiskey and held it up high to make yet another toast. Let them think what they want, but justice will prevail, one way or another. That being said, I will aim for the title of Robin Hood, albeit a merciless one. Here’s to me… Robin Hood!

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