Fun Bookstore Date Idea

Haven’t gone on a fun date in awhile? Reading slump? Or simply looking for a great new idea for the two of you? We’ve got you!

My husband and I were in a bookstore recently and as booklovers we often get lost in the aisles never finding what we’re looking for. Of course, we don’t usually know what we’re looking for which makes it that much more difficult to find!

It hit me suddenly… how fun would it be to secretly pick books for each other? It would not only solve the reading slump problem by being forced to read the book of their choosing but it would also create a whole new level of excitement! 

Here’s how to do it: 

  • Decide how often you want to do it. Just this once? Monthly? Quarterly? Yearly? There are no wrong answers!
  • Make it exciting with genre restrictions. This time do fiction, or get even more specific: Thrillers, Romance, Mystery, Biographies, Graphic Novels, etc. Keep it within the comfortable range of both your tastes.
  • Pick a location. A local bookstore? A thrift shop? Online? The location will determine the level of spontaneity.  Each store offers a unique range of options. Online you have a better search option, being able to nail down a specific romance that’s say, more manly for your tough partner, might offer an edge that a bookstore doesn’t have. Whereas a local bookshop has the thrill of an outing and complete surprise.

A book swap is a great way to stay within budget as they’re primarily within a reasonable price, $9.99-$34.99. How could you go wrong?

My first hunt went well! When I suggested the idea, he got excited right away. We both sauntered off into different directions in search of the perfect novel. I chose Witness X by S.E. Moorhead which is a psychological thriller for fans of Stranger Things, Dark & Mindhunter.  I had no trouble finding one for him. His choice for me, on the other hand, took about four times as long, carefully choosing the perfect book for me, which surprisingly happened to be the perfect book for him. “The Last Wish” by Andrzej Sapkowski, the first book in the Witcher Series.  Before we presented the options we taunted each other, aisle after aisle, laughing in between, hiding our choices under other “joke” books like “The Runaway Duchess”. The journey was exciting and brought us closer together. 

I wish you luck on your first book hunt together! Feel free to use this with your best friends or even your mother! A fun idea like this should be shared with everyone who loves reading!

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